Monday, October 17, 2016

Postal Inspector Harry Holmes never said a word about Oswald reversing himself about Mexico City in his December 17 report. Yet, he went on to make an elaborate claim about it in his Warren Commission testimony. 

The fact that no one else made such a claim, and that Holmes himself didn't start making it until many months after Oswald's death means, of course that Oswald didn't do it. He didn't go to Mexico City, and he didn't say that he did. Multiple witnesses (Fritz, Hosty, and Bookhout) stated that Oswald vigorously denied ever going to Mexico City, claiming that the only place he ever went in Mexico was Tijuana.  

We need to dwell on the magnitude of Holmes' lie. It is outrageous. The daring-ness and audacity of it are outrageous. SS Agent Thomas Kelly was also at that interrogation, and in his testimony, he never said a word about Oswald reversing himself on Mexico City either.

SS Agent Forrest Sorrels was also at that interrogation, and neither did he say a word about Oswald having reversed himself on Mexico City.

The evil, despicable dastardliness of this liar! How could anyone be so wicked? Harry Holmes: monster.

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