Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Joseph Backes is just hopelessly and irredeemably stupid. 

We are dealing here with just one frame and trying to determine why the figure of Bookhout is blurred but the figures in front of him are not blurry.

Notice that we can see the eyes of the detectives in front, but we can't see Bookhout's eyes. They just look like slits. Why is that? What is the technobabble reason why Bookhout's eyes look like slits with no visibility of the eyeballs while we can see sclera and iris on the other two men? And why is the man in the far back so ghost-like? What is the technobabble reason for that? You certainly can't attribute it to how the video got transferred, as described on this site:

because that would have affected the whole image. The whole image, Backes, the whole image, the whole image, the whole image.

Backes doesn't know shit from shinola. He's not a photographer; he's not a videographer; he's not anything but a blabbermouth. 

But, we are talking about a variation, a disparity within one frame. So why, when Bookhout was getting more light than the detective on our right, do we have a worse view of Bookhout? And, you can't blame it on the distance either. The distance reduces the size of the person in the image, but it's not going to make him blurry. And, we're not even talking about that much distance because it was all just one small cramped space. None of them were far from the camera.  

There are certain facts that are indisputably true. First, officially, there are NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination- NONE- even though Bookhout was practically omnipresent. He attended more Oswald interrogations than anyone else except Will Fritz. So, how is it that there are no images of him? And no, that very tall man in the grey suit at the Midnight Press Conference was NOT James Bookhout. Bookhout did not attend the Midnight Press Conference. He saw Oswald at the last interview on the Friday evening, and then he didn't see him again until the Saturday morning for his next interview. We have it from Bookhout's own lips that he didn't see Oswald in-between. Bookhout did not attend the Midnight Press Conference. So, that man there could not have been Bookhout.

And, let's remember that the only images we have to use for comparison are the ones from his youth. That's because they succeeded in removing all images of Bookhout from the assassination, and there are none of him from after the assassination either. And I mean all the way up to the time of his death in 2009. There wasn't even a photo of him on his obituary. 

But these images below of Bookhout are truly impressive. The progression from left to right over the span of time involved (26 years) makes perfect sense. 

And that's true even though both images were deliberately marred. On the left, they gave him those drag queen eye brows, and on the right they blurred him, blackened his eyes, and probably did more than that. But despite all that, there is, nevertheless, a compelling likeness that can't be denied. The whole way the head is being held is exactly the same on both. 

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