Wednesday, October 12, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera tried to match an overlay of Jack Ruby's face with that of the suspected impostor, and it didn't work. He couldn't get them to match, even upon trying. 

Larry's communique: 


The lone nutters have a lot of explaining to do. Once interpupillary distance has been matched, head scaled to the probe image,  and mouth lined up as much as possible here are the results:
Please let the gif run over and over, and pay close attention to nose, mouth, hairline, right side of face, chin, etc.  An overlay that matches will exhibit very little movement, if any, as it transitions from probe to gallery.
1. Nose is not even close - Ruby's grows a-la-Pinocchio.
2. Mouth does not match.
3. Hairline does not match in any area.
4. Facial contour does not match.
5. Chin does not match.
6. Ear does not match.
Guys, I tried to make him match the Ruby test (gallery) image, but it just does not work at all.  Now what?

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