Saturday, October 1, 2016

Juliette de la Bretoniere I agree with you, we cannot KNOW whether the man who shot Oswald was really Jack Ruby. No photograph or film footage by television reporters that we know of, proves this. However, there's one thing I'd like to say about the extra pair of hand cuffs you believe should have been there. The only people who were allowed to be in the basement, were police officers and television people. No other persons were allowed to be there, on orders of chief Curry. So, there wasn't any reason to have with them an extra pair of hand cuffs, since they didn't expect to make an arrest.
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Ralph Cinque That's an interesting argument, Juliette. But, it does seem like amidst all those policeman that someone should have had a pair of handcuffs to put on "Ruby." And, it seems that someone would have called for a pair. "Who has handcuffs?" "We need handcuffs". Remember that Oswald was, supposedly, in grave danger. They were leading him to an armored Brinks truck. So, in that situation, why wouldn't you be prepared with handcuff/s in case something broke out? So, though I hear you, and I appreciate that you got me thinking about it, I don't think it justifies what we see: which is a mob of police wrestling a guy into a building without stopping to cuff him. And I'll tell you furthermore that I think what would happen in that situation- if cuffs weren't immediately available- is that they would push him down to the ground and just hold him there- face down with his hands behind his back, if necessary a boot to his neck- until someone showed up with cuffs. The whole idea of wrestling him into the building is weird and inexplicable. And how did they even know to do it? We never heard anyone say anything, like "Let's drag him inside." They all just did it. They all just did it.

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