Saturday, October 1, 2016

This is an absolutely magnificent collage. What makes it so magnificent? I'll tell you. But first, see if you can read my mind. What makes this particular collage so outstanding? 

OK, have you studied it? Even if you are an enemy of mine, try to figure to out what I'm seeing, what I'm noticing. Treat it like a game. OK, now I'm going to tell you.

First, the image of Oswald is so clear and sharp. Most of the images of him are not as good as this, not even close. Of course, we are still stuck with the same, one and only image of Doorman. But, why not use the best image of Oswald that we can? It makes sense. 

And second, the angle is about the same. We are seeing both faces from the left, where the camera is capturing the right ear and the right side of the face but is mostly missing the left ear. On Doorman we are not seeing his left ear at all. In fact, there is a lot of distortion on the left margin of his face, which is on our right. But, that's the image we're stuck with; we have to use it; and there is no alternative. And as always, I have to advise you to ignore the hair and the top of the head. Do not include them in the comparison because they were altered on Doorman. 

But, what we wind up with between them is a PERFECT correlation of the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and right ear. 

On the left, that is Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald. And it pure denialism to deny it any longer. 

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