Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Knowing that Backes was going to criticize my clear home video ON YOUTUBE, I pointed out that even in the same video in which Bookhout looks blurry, there are plenty of clear, unblurry frames of the old footage.

And even in the frame in question, it's really just the Bookhout figure and the cop behind him who are blurred, not the two men in front.

So, how can you blame Youtube for that? It's all 16 mm black and white film, right? And, the guys in front got transferred the same way as the guys in back, right? The same kind of video signal?

And how come this is the only image of its kind in the whole film?

How can you be so incredibly stupid as to not be able to follow a simple point, that, technically, it's all the same? 

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