Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It was a glorious day yesterday, and I am very grateful for the excellent reception of my new article and new video about the discovery of James Bookhout being the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. That it has the potential to blow the JFK case wide open is beyond doubt. After all, if an agent of the U.S. gov't shot Oswald, then who but agents of the U.S. gov't could have shot Kennedy?

To celebrate, I decided to do a song, and this time, instead of telling you what it is, I am going to turn it into a song quiz. So:

This song started as a French song written by a French singer/songwriter in 1945, and then a year later, it was given English lyrics by an American singer/songwriter, who prior to that had written a song called "Linda" which was dedicated to Linda McCartney, except that her name at the time was Linda Eastman, and she had just been born. He wrote it as a favor to her father, Lee Eastman, who was his entertainment lawyer. And then, 12 years later, another American singer/songwriter took the English version of the French song, adopted it, made it his signature song, and then turned it into a mega-hit, and himself into a mega-star.

So, what is the name of the song?
Click the link to find out.


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