Thursday, October 20, 2016

Linda Zambanini has made yet another mistake in falsely identifying someone as James Bookhout. 

And, the person who has been helping me all along on Bookhout has made another brilliant discovery.  

First, look at this image from the Prayermanites:

They (and presumably because of Linda) falsely identify the tall man on the far right as Bookhout. He is not Bookhout. The short guy in the center is Bookhout.

 That short guy remind you of anybody?

Bingo. I told you he didn't have drag queen eyebrows. 

Now, let's go for the Trifecta:

Here's the gif made by my friend:

Here's the letter that accompanied it: 


Another picture of the young Bookhout.

I think that there is another (deliberate) error on Findagrave and on the Prayerman site, in addition to their mis-identification of the tall cop at the Midnight Press Conference as 'Bookhout'. In the attached 1930s photo of what seems to be police cadets, they both identify Bookhout as the person at the right of the front row, but the face does not seem to fit. However, I spotted a short, slightly overweight, cadet/constable, third from the right, and did an image overlay. The Impostor's face fits this guy: see attached gif. In the 1930s photo he is looking straight ahead, but I managed to get a match.

Bookhout's obituary referred to the Texas Peace Officers' Flag Fund, and I assume that he is in a 1930s peace/police officer's uniform. Note the badge in the cap (and the odd yin yang shirt badges).

That's at least two deliberate mistakes on Findagrave to confuse later researchers.


Well, I have already done something about it. Take a look at the new Findagrave page for James Bookhout, with the correct cadet picture, and with a notification that James Bookhout did not attend the Midnight Press Conference.

I thank my friend who is helping me. 

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