Thursday, October 20, 2016

If this isn't sunglasses, then what is it? Shadow? SHADOW? Are you serious? 

A shadow is a dark area produced by an object that is between the source of light and the surface on which the shadow appears.  

The object casting the shadow is located between the source of the light and the surface-area of the shadow.

So, if this is a shadow, what is the object casting it?

So, in the example above, the source of light is the sun. The surface-area on which the shadow is occurring is the sand. And the objects casting the shadows are the girls at play. 

So, is everyone on the same page now? Do we all understand now what shadows are, and how they are formed?

Good. So, I ask again: What is the object that is casting the shadow that we see in this "Ruby" picture, if the darkness is indeed shadow? And realize that there is a relationship between the shape of a shadow and the object casting it. 

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