Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Maybe it’s “BLURRY” because you made a lousy freeze frame from a Youtube.com video, 

So says the Idiot Backes. But, the fact is that the cops on the left and right of Bookhout aren't blurry. Whatever the effect of a lousy freeze frame from Youtube would be consistent throughout the frame.

Why is he blurry but they not? And why does the cop in back, farthest away, look like a ghost? You want to blame Youtube for that? Here's another Youtube freeze frame: I just froze it, and it's not blurry at all. 

So, how can you blame Youtube for the other? You can't. 

I really resent that I have to fight with someone as stupid as Joseph Backes. He is such an idiot that it's an insult that he should be my adversary. Why couldn't they send somebody with at least half a brain to do battle with me? 

Here's another freeze frame from the very same video as the Bookhout image, and it's not blurry.

I wouldn't call that blurry. The near figures are clear; the distant figures are clear; it's all clear. 

So, can we stop blaming Youtube now? Or do you want to blame Youtube some more? I gotta tell you though: you can't make Bookhout not be Bookhout. 

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