Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My use of this excerpt from Hosty's book as evidence that Bookhout was short is entirely reasonable. And I'll warn you of something else: Jim Bookhout Jr. is still alive, and he damn well knows what his father's height was. 

Again, how reasonable is it to assume that the man below sought a pedestal to stand on to look for Hosty in the hallway?

The situation that we are considering was very much like what you see above. It was a hallway that was crowded with people. Now, in that situation, that you see above, would that guy seek a pedestal in order to look around that area for someone? Or would he just look around? It's not only unreasonable and unlikely that he would look for a pedestal to stand on; it is preposterous. It's loonie. 

The fact is that that tall guy and the action of the man in that narrative just don't mix; they just don't work together. He was tall; decidedly tall; and he didn't need to stand on any God-damn pedestal, for Christ's sake.

The idea that guy would get up on a pedestal to find Hosty in the hallway is preposterous. And he's not Bookhout anyway on other grounds. He didn't have Bookhout's ears. Different ears means different men. Different ears means different men. 

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