Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I can prove that this guy is NOT the Garage Shooter. He's wearing sunglasses, right? What else could that black disc covering his eye be? You can even see the bridge of his glasses over the bridge of his nose.
Alright, so he's wearing sunglasses, and that is right before the shooting, covering about two seconds before the shooting. In order to change that situation, he would have to reach up with his hand, grab the frame of the glasses, carefully lift them off his face, and then lower his arm, and do something with the glasses, such as put them in his pocket. All of that takes time, and more than a split-second. 

But, we also have this frame of Oswald glancing at the shooter within that same time frame.

Considering how big those glasses are in the other image, they should certainly be sticking out here, if the man was wearing them. But, he is not wearing glasses. And you can't tell me that there was enough time for the first man to get those glasses off and put them away in his jacket pocket, as we see in the Jackson photo.

But wait. Those aren't sunglasses. Those are regular glasses.

Yup, those are clear lenses; so the shooter didn't have sunglasses. There is no basis to claim that he did.

So, who is this guy?

He also has a weird beveled sideburn which Ruby most certainly did not have. His sideburns were wide and square.

So, who is this guy? He's not Ruby, and he's not Bookhout, so who is he?

I honestly don't know, but I'll tell you this much: It's not my problem. 

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