Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Now, the Stupid Backass is claiming that this man in the Fedora hat on the left is the same one who was filing into Fritz' office for the Saturday evening interrogation of Oswald. But, a small child can see the man on the left was taller.

So, why does Backes say such things? It's because he's a shithead. He just claims whatever he wants. He claimed there was another African-American in the doorway. Remember that one? He claimed that the Loveladys opened their family photo albums for the HSCA. He claimed that someone drove up to the Depository and yelled, "Oswald! Get in the fucking car!" Backes just makes it up as he goes.

And he keeps faulting me for mistaking images of Detective Charles Dhority for Bookhout when the mistake was made by his friends the Prayermanites and by Linda Zambanini. He doesn't fault them; he just faults me; even though the mistake started with them.

And even though, by his own admission, James Bookhout did not attend the Midnight Press Conference, Backes keeps insisting he was there. And even though we know from James Hosty that Bookhout had to stand on a pedestal to see over the reporters in the hall, Backes thinks he's this guy:

And, I never said that James Bookhout looked exactly like Ruby. That's ridiculous. How could they possibly look exactly alike?
They weren't even related. You never heard of DNA? Well, it's this thing that everybody's got, but everyone's is unique.

You're just flinging feces around your cage like a monkey, Backes. But, all your crap-flinging can't stop what is happening and what is going to happen. My Facebook Likes are up to 900. It won't be long before they're 1000. And it's all because of the Bookhout find. This resonates with people. And you are powerless to stop it. Think things can't get any worse for your side? Oh, but they can. 

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