Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What is the basis for claiming that this man is James Bookhout?

It comes from exactly one person, one Linda Zambinini, who happens to be the same person who previously mis-defined images of Dhority as Bookhout, thus misleading the Prayermanites and myself (although only briefly in my case). But, at least, she has learned to be a little bit cautious, and for this guy, she merely suggests it as a possibility, not a certainty.

Notice the question mark after his name on the lower left. I assume she did that to signify that she isn't sure. But now, let's consider the evidence that conflicts with it. First, a closeup comparison of the ears, shows that he is no match to Bookhout.

So, on the right you see that the fleshy part of the ear, known as the lobule, attached to the head in a web-like manner, and it's very different from what we see on Young Lovelady on the left. That is sufficient in itself to rule out that they are the same man. But in addition, there is the age factor. Does the man on the right look 26 years older than the man on the left? 

In addition to that there is Bookhout's testimony that he did not attend the Midnight Press Conference- and even though that involves an extrapolation, it is a valid extrapolation. And there is the fact that FBI agents were not front and center at the Midnight Press Conference. No FBI agents were front and center at the Midnight Press Conference. This guy was front and center.

There is also the testimony of James Hosty that Bookhout was so short that he needed to stand on a pedestal in order to see over the crowd of reporters in order to find Hosty in the hallway.

Would that very tall man have needed to stand on a pedestal to find Hosty?

Putting it all together, there is no reason to give any credence to the idea that he was Bookhout. And anyone who stubbornly clings to the idea, and keeps repeating it, is just being a dishonest jerk. No one with a shred of intellectual honesty would do that.   

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