Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The image on the left is directly from the footage of Oswald being unloaded from the ambulance at Parkland. The image on the right is from John McAdam's website.

Notice that in John McAdam's picture, there is no blanket, that Oswald just has his sweater on. But, his sweater is pulled up, as is his t-shirt, such that his abdomen is exposed, and yet, there still isn't a speck of blood on his skin. After all this time, after all the bleeding, after all the moving and jostling, there is still no blood. But, I am thinking that that is a fake image, and the image on the left is real, in which he somehow got covered with a blanket, one that no one has ever talked about. 

Oswald was definitely covered with a blanket.

The question is: How did it happen? Because he wasn't covered with anything when he left the PD. 

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