Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This is from Greg Szymanski's Arctic Beacon.  

"I stayed on the scene well after Oswald was taken away in the ambulance and I never did see any blood, not one drop." Bob Jackson

Jackson's startling revelation adds fuel to the fire of researchers who claimed Oswald was never shot by Ruby, but later killed by CIA operatives in the ambulance after Oswald was sedated against his will.

Jackson's testimony, never before released in the American media, backs up other researchers who claim Oswald and Ruby faked the shooting as a part of an undercover operation designed to eventually eliminate Oswald's knowledge of the real JFK assassination team as well as his part played as the government's patsy.

Oswald probably was told to fake the shooting and then was double crossed by CIA operatives who killed him in the ambulance in order to eliminate any loose ends in the Kennedy assassination," said one researcher who claims Oswald was used as a patsy."

Of course, Oswald did NOT have any knowledge of the real JFK assassination team. He didn't know anything. He said he didn't know anything. He told us, directly, to our own ears, that he didn't know anything.  So, that's just part of the exaggerated image of Oswald as Secret Agent Man.

Look: Oswald spent almost 3 years in Russia. He was gone. And, there isn't a speck of evidence that he was involved in any intelligence activity or had any contact with anyone in the intelligence field while he was in Russia. And then he got back in June 1962, and he started working various menial jobs, trying to support his family. But, by that time, the assassination plot was well underway, and he was already the designated patsy. So, why would they tell the designated patsy what they were doing? They wouldn't. They couldn't. They didn't. 

But otherwise, that statement by Greg Symanski is really historic because it has been up for a very long time, and it is frequently cited. 

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