Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The new article on Veterans Today is being picked up nicely by other outlets. Here's one:

There is no stopping this. It's already out there in cyberspace. And the one who deserves the most credit is the Russian because he was the first to challenge the conventional wisdom that Ruby shooting Oswald is a part of the JFK story that can be accepted as true. No, it can't. And the person who identified the Ruby impostor above as Bookhout is a great person who is very much a member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. But, he or she doesn't want their name mentioned; he or she would rather stay below the radar to keep the hitmen from targeting him or her and committing the kind of crimes they've committed against me, and I understand that. And, he or she continues to work for us. He or she is actually the one who made this excellent gif of Young Bookhout morphing into the Ruby impostor, seamlessly, although for the reason given above, I did not credit him or her. 

And I am sure we are going to get more great contributions from him or her because he or she is very committed to what we are doing. 

So, I have had help, and I am grateful for it. This is war- a vicious, ugly, mean, dastardly war.  But, despite all the criminality that has been thrown at me, we are not only winning; we are crushing the opposition, which doesn't have a prayer. 

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