Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There is something weird about Bieberdorf's testimony. He said that besides the driver and other attendant in front, there was him and Leavelle in the second row. Then, he said the other two detectives, Graves and Dhority, were in back- way back by the tailgate.

But, we know from watching the footage that Dhority and Leavelle climbed in through the tailgate. So, here's Dhority getting in.

Then, he is followed by Leavelle.

Then, Leavelle seems to park himself right there by the tailgate. 

 There is another film in which you can see him settling in and pressing his hat down to his head. He seems really settled in that spot. But, the Bieb said that it was himself and Leavelle in the second row, and Graves and Dhority in back by the tailgate (though he didn't name them). 

So, what's up with that? Did they play musical chairs inside the ambulance? Perhaps I'll get to ask the Bieb at the mock trial. 

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