Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Robert DeNiro has gone back into Raging Bull mode to take on Donald Trump. His rant-video has gotten over 60 million views.

Like most people, I like Robert DeNiro. He's a great actor. I even named a phony Lovelady after him.

But, I think Robert is getting a little carried away. I would give him the same advice that James Caan as "Sonny" gave Al Pacino as "Mikey" in The Godfather: "You're taking this way too personally."

Robert DeNiro has been close friends with the Clintons for a very long time.

Regarding the "hot mic" I'm very surprised that nobody brought up the issue of whether NBC had the right to record the conversation. He went to their studio, at their request, to make a cameo appearance in an NBC soap opera, and he was waiting in the trailer until it was time. I presume he had the expectation that he was not being recorded. For them to have secretly recorded it, and then held onto it for 11 years just to use it against him? That was really low. The young guy was drawing him out about his womanizing- provoking him. And the beautiful actress who came to fetch him, she didn't seem offended even though the sex banter continued. But again, it was the young guy who was fanning the flames and keeping it going. If not for him, it would probably never have started. 

I'm truly amazed. The Clintons have been in our faces since 1990. Does anybody really want to wake up every morning and hear about them? Listen to them? Look at them? Get more of them? We haven't had enough of them? We need more of them, do we? 

And, Hillary lied last night, and Donald didn't catch it. She said her husband ran surpluses, where tax collections exceeded government spending. It never happened once. What did happen is that, each and every year, he robbed the Social Security Trust Fund. 

When Social Security almost went broke in the 1980s, Reagan appointed future Fed Chairman Allan Greenspan to lead a commission to fix it. Their solution: raise payroll taxes.

So, they did. They raised taxes a lot, and the result was that they collected more money each year from workers than was needed to support retirees. So, Clinton took that surplus; used it for general government spending; gave the trust fund some IOUs, special bonds that weren't even marketable, and then didn't count the loan as a loan. It was "off the books". And that made it look like there was a surplus, but it was a lie. The national debt of the United States grew every year that Clinton was President. So, how could there have been a real surplus? There couldn't. There wasn't.

The Donald should have pointed that out the other night.


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