Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This is the best view I've seen of the empty cubbyhole where all the action took place.  You see the door on right. That's the Magic Door. And I say Magic Door because, at the same time, three men, in which two were carrying the third, who was sprawled from being shot, went through it, at about the same time that a mob of men were stampeding a second man through it who was struggling against them. And yet, somehow, there was room for all of them, and it could be done so swiftly that they were all gone and inside within less than 10 seconds. And here's the kicker: even though the place was teeming with cameramen who were shooting from different angles, nobody caught a thing. There isn't one frame of Oswald being picked up and moved, and we never see Ruby again, nor do we see how they got him through that door. The cameramen just couldn't catch a glimpse of anything. Not a damn thing. 

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