Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Jackson photo never happened. There was no such scene. Oswald never did what he appears to be doing in the photograph. And I can prove it.

If it's real, then it must also be captured in the films. Because those cameras were shooting at the same time. So, the "story" of the Jackson photo should be captured in a film frame. 

Now, there is one, and I don't know the source of it, but it does look kinda/sorta like Jackson. But, it only occurs as a separated frame. Let's see the live footage where we can see the Jackson photo occurring in real time. I have some footage with a very open view, and it should be seen there.  It is not.

So, let's begin. First, this is what it looked like when "Ruby" shot Oswald. 

We know Oswald has been shot because he is grimacing. Why else would he be grimacing? Notice that Ruby is not in front of Oswald as in the Jackson photo. Now, we see Oswald both grimace and cringe. He's been shot. 
But, he doesn't have his left arm crossed across his chest as seen in the Jackson photo. Are we ever going to see that here? Stay tuned.

Now, Oswald is really bent forward, and it looks like he is going to go down. That is obviously not a duplication of the Jackson photo.

But, what happens next is most unusual: Oswald reverses himself. I guess you could say he gets a burst of energy, and he leaps backwards.

 So, Oswald isn't cringing forward any more like he was. Now, he's hurling backwards, and he actually goes up on his toes. He goes up on his tippy-toes. Now, we can't see what he's doing with his arms there, but regardless, it's not a duplication of the Jackson photo.

There is no duplication there. On the left, Graves has already gone for "Ruby" grabbing his left arm. It's not happening on the right. Furthermore, Oswald on the left is hurling backward, but on the right, he is NOT hurling backward. He's cringing forward. Look at the distance between Oswald and Graves on the left, the gap. There is no such gap in the Jackson photo. So, there is no duplication, and now, we are way past the point of being able to duplicate. 

So, in this particular film, the Jackson photo does NOT occur.

And if anyone thinks otherwise, then you find the frame that corresponds to the Jackson photo. 

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