Sunday, October 9, 2016

This reminds me of the time in which the Empire and its minions tried to claim that George HW Bush outside the Depository was really Detective Gus Rose. But, I quickly demolished that. It's obvious that Rose, with the Charlie Brown head, was not the tall, lanky figure in front of the TSBD, who is a match to George HW Bush. 

And now, they're doing it again in falsely claiming that this was 50 year old James Bookhout:

If that guy is 50, he's eating more health food than I am. But no way is he 50. Try 30s. 

And then, there's the fact that Bookhout denied seeing Oswald between the 4 PM lineup on Friday and his first interrogation on Saturday morning. It means that Bookhout did not attend the Midnight Press Conference. 

But then, there are the easily recognized discordances to known images of James Bookhout.

They are obviously different men.

What happened to his drag queen eyebrows on the left, although they are probably fake. They are different men. That is not a 50 year old on the right. And Bookhout wasn't there. He did not attend the Midnight Press Conference.

Backes is so desperate and so devoid of meaningful retaliation that all he can do is bask in the glow of a past mistake of mine- even after I have corrected it. Meanwhile, he allows a mistake like this to linger even though it is a laughing stock- and so is he.  

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