Sunday, October 9, 2016

We now know that James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. But, did he fire a live round or just a blank? 

I am going to make the case that, in all probability, he fired a blank.

Let's start by going back to something that the Idiot Joe Backes said:

He said that the Dallas Police concocted a phony story about Oswald taking a bus and cab, which surely would have fallen apart in court when testimony was provided as to what Oswald really did. Obviously, if Oswald's lawyer could prove that the Dallas Police concocted a phony story about Oswald's odyssey, then that alone would have established reasonable doubt. 

But, Backes said that that Dallas Police didn't have to worry about that because THEY KNEW that Oswald was going to die and very soon. So, there would be no trial. That's what Backes said. 

So, according to Backes, the Dallas Police knew that Oswald was going to die and very soon. And of course, Oswald did die and very soon. So, they must have been in on it. Right? Or does Backes expect us to believe that the Dallas Police had their own plan for killing Oswald but Jack Ruby beat them to the punch? 

Is that what you believe, Backes? Because you are entirely stupid enough to make such a claim. But, unless you have something concrete concerning an alternate plan by the Dallas Police to kill Oswald, then we have to assume that the killing that happened is the killing that made them feel safe about concocting their phony story about what Oswald did. 

So, let's look at the killing of Oswald in that light. 

Would you want to be handcuffed to a man who was about to be shot? I wouldn't want to do that under any circumstances, but in this case, Jim Leavelle didn't even know James Bookhout and how good a shot he was. Leavelle was a Dallas PD detective. Bookhout was an FBI agent. And he wasn't even the kind of FBI agent who went to shootouts. Bookhout was a lawyer. He was a lawyer BEFORE he became an FBI agent. I read in one short bio of him that he joined the FBI to avoid getting drafted. But, he was already a lawyer, and he did legal work for the FBI- not shoot-em-up work. 

So, if you were Jim Leavelle, would you trust little Jimmy Bookhout to shoot Oswald without shooting you? I sure wouldn't.

Now, let's look at the Jackson photo. It is fake, fake, fake. Leavelle did NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants. That is NOT Oswald's left arm going across his chest; it is two arms side by side, with the hands clasped, as in prayer. That is NOT the position in which the shooter shot Oswald. He shot him from the side, not the front. 

But, the other thing about this photo that makes it so fake is the fact that there is NO SIGN OF ANY VIOLENCE. There is no blood. There is no disruption of his clothes. There is no evidence of any trauma to his person. And the whole purpose of that weird arrangement is to cover up all the areas that would have or might have been affected by a real shot. Again: NO VISIBLE DAMAGE to Oswald, NO VISIBLE DAMAGE to his clothing, and not a drop of blood. 

And to anyone who tries to claim that there might have been some blood but we just don't see it in the black and white photo because the greyscale doesn't show it, forget it. We have it from Robert Jackson himself that there wasn't a drop of blood. Robert Jackson could see in color. If there was blood, he surely would have seen it. But, Robert Jackson has ADAMANTLY denied that there was a single drop of blood. 

I shall continue with this. It is going to take a while. 

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