Friday, October 21, 2016

Tonight, I did The New JFK Show with Gary King, Don Fox, and Jim Fetzer. It was #121, and it was all Bookhout. And I think it was a great show. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, while going over some very important stuff. I was just thinking tonight how the scheme to keep James Bookhout hidden was really very intricate. Just think: officially, there are NO images of him from the JFK assassination. None. 

You've got Linda Zambinini speculating that a certain tall young man from the Midnight Press Conference was Bookhout, but Bookhout made it clear that he did not attend the Midnight Press Conference. And then, on the basis of this one person speculating without foundation that this guy was Bookhout, the Idiot Backes treats it like money in the bank and starts declaring the guy to be Bookhout as if it's part of the official record. It is not.

And I realize that images that I assign to him from the assassination aren't officially recognized either. But, the point is that there are no images of him that are officially recognized, even though he was practically attached to Oswald at the hip for two days.

In other words: that's a smoking gun in itself.

But, what's worse is the fact that the few images we have from his earlier life have all been doctored, with drag queen eye brows and more.  And that too is a smoking gun.

The discovery by XXX that in the cadets photo, he's the short, roly-poly guy not the tall guy on the far right is another smoking gun.

You see, they didn't want to admit that he was short- like the Garage Shooter. He was shorter than Ruby- as was the Garage Shooter. 

So, watch the The New JFK Show #121 which Gary King will be posting on Youtube tomorrow. 

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