Friday, October 14, 2016

Why didn't they have the brains to take Ruby to the barber to remove the scruffy hair growth from the back of his neck? How smart did they have to be to do that? And why didn't they get Bookhout some elevator shoes to get that pipsqueak up to Ruby's height? Once they decided that they were going to masquerade Bookhout as Ruby, why didn't they put some effort into it? Why didn't they fix these obvious things?

The 53rd anniversary of the JFK assassination is fast approaching. I urge you to use this new discovery- that FBI Agent James Bookhout was the real Garage Shooter who shot Oswald while pretending to be Jack Ruby- as your main talking point for this year's commemoration. It's fresh. It's new. And it is extremely riveting. If an FBI agent shot Oswald, then it has to be that government agents shot JFK. 

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