Sunday, April 9, 2017

A great many people have said that the two car horn honks that are heard before the Oswald shooting were signals. You can listen to them here if you need a refresher:

One occurs right when Oswald comes out the door to enter the garage, and the second occurs right before the shooter makes his move. 

So, these were signals, as in "Get ready, he's coming" and then "Now!" 

But, who gave the signals? Well, whose garage was it? It was that of the Dallas Police. It had to be them who sent the signals. Who else? The Mafia? It wasn't the Mafia's garage. They didn't have any car there, and they didn't have any people there. So, it could not have been them.

No, if it was a signal, it was a signal from the Dallas Police to the shooter. That means, of course, that the Dallas Police were in on it. But, who was the signal to? Jack Ruby? No way! You can't tell me that the Dallas Police were in cahoots with Jack Ruby.

"OK, Jack, here's the plan: You show up and kill Oswald. Then, we'll arrest you and charge you with it. Then, you'll be tried and be convicted. And then you'll get the death penalty. Sound good? What do you say?"

Surreal, isn't it? And if the Dallas Police were in cahoots with Jack Ruby, then it means that everything that happened afterwards was an act on everyone's part- including Ruby's. 

No, it is preposterous. If you believe those horn honks were signals (and I do believe that) then they must have been signals from the Dallas Police to somebody else. They could not have been to Jack Ruby.  And that means that the shooter who responded immediately to the second honk could not have been Jack Ruby. He had to be someone else. And he was, in fact, James Bookhout. Jack Ruby was just the hapless patsy. Ruby and Oswald were both patsies. However, the difference was that Oswald was NOT hapless. He did a lot of damage to the plotters in those last two days that he lived. And it's one reason why they just had to kill him.  

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