Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mary Moorman's photo was reproduced on 11/22/63. They NEVER in a million years would have allowed her to go home with the original if they hadn't copied it.

One fool suggested that cops sitting around eating their Dunkin' Donuts and drinking coffee could have damaged the photo. Well, if that could happen among cops, then it could have happened to Mary at home. And they knew that. So, they never were going to let her leave with that photo if they didn't have it securely duplicated. 

Therefore, why was it necessary for them to repossess her photo again? When you reproduce a photo, it's usually just as good as the original. In fact, it's conceivable that it could be better. So why, since they already had it as copies, did they have to retrieve hers again? 

And let's say that those cops were sitting around eating Dunkin' Donuts and drinking coffee, and one of them with wet, soiled hands pressed his thumb into the photo and left a mark. It didn't damage all the copies, did it? So, since they ruined Mary's but they had already made duplicates of it, why didn't they just return her one of the duplicates? Why did the damaged photo become the standard? 

Stop believing the lie! And those of you who do believe the lie, you might as well believe that Oswald was up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. Obviously and patently, they were up to no-good with that Moorman photo. They kept taking it back from Mary because they had an idea to alter it. But, they couldn't just alter the copies; they had to alter the original as well. And that's why they kept needing hers. That's why they kept taking it back. "We need it one more time, Mary. Thank you for your cooperation."

My question is: What the hell did Mary's photo, the one she really took, show? It must have shown something absolutely devastating to the official story of the JFK assassination. It must have been so devastating that eventually, they gave up on it completely and felt compelled to replace it with something else. Does it even still exist? Probably not. They probably destroyed every single copy. Don't you realize how devastating this is and how much it marks the Moorman photo as tainted?   

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