Wednesday, April 5, 2017

So, the Altgens were seen out and about on the Sunday. At that point in time, they were NOT bedridden with the flu. And, as everyone knows, the flu does put people on their back. It sends them to bed. 

Does it make any sense for someone to be out and about on Sunday and then be found dead from the flu on Tuesday? Now multiply that by 2. Two people? Dead? From the flu?  Where they were both well enough to be out and about (which means nowhere near death) but then found dead just two days later?

I've been checking online, and most references to Altgens' deaths are either that they died of "natural causes" or that they died of "carbon monoxide." But, the statement that came out in the New York Times on 12/17, which was 5 days later, was this:

   The Dallas Morning News reported on Friday that relatives said the couple had been suffering from the flu but that the police were looking into the possibility that they had died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a defective furnace.''

But, look at this statement from the Houston Chronicle on 12/14, which was just 2 days later:

A spokesman for the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office said Thursday that autopsies of the Altgens had been completed but no final ruling on causes of death will be made for several weeks, until laboratory tests have been completed. Because there is no ruling yet from the Medical Examiner, the deaths of the Altgens remains under homicide investigation, according to a Dallas Police spokesman.
But Ron Grant, 48, a Dallas attorney who is Ike Altgens' nephew, said Thursday he believes age and failing health overcame his aunt and uncle.
"My aunt had been very ill for some time with heart trouble and many other problems," Grant said. "Both of them had had the flu for some time.
"She called my mother at one point and said he had fallen and she couldn't get him back up. She may have tried to help him and then gone in the other room and had a heart attack."

So, Clara called his mother, her sister, and told her that he had fallen, and she couldn't get him back up? And, his mother didn't send help? So, Clara tried to help him up, couldn't, then went to another room and had a heart attack? What is this? The Bizarro World? And, it has never been claimed that she had a heart attack. What would cause a lawyer to speculate in such a way, to pull that out of his ass? 

But, the whole thing makes no sense. If someone has fallen who can't get up and you can't get him up, you don't call your sister in Houston. You call for help. You call 911. Or you call a neighbor- someone close at hand. 

This is how the AP reported the death of their famed photographer on December 15, so 3 days later. 

Photographer James W. ``Ike'' Altgens, who documented President Kennedy's assassination for The Associated Press, died Tuesday. He was 76.
A relative found the bodies of Altgens and his wife, Clara, 73, in their home Tuesday. The cause of death was not known.

That's it. Two people found dead. Not one; two. And they simply said that the cause of of their deaths was unknown? No follow-up?

There has NEVER been a follow-up. To this day, we have never gotten the autopsy reports. We have never gotten the final statement of the Dallas Medical Examiner. They left it hanging in 1995, and it's still hanging. 

What were their blood levels of carboxyhemoglobin? Was their visible pink discoloration of their bodies? Where was the defect in their home heating system that caused the CO leak? Who was responsible for inspecting and maintaining their equipment?

And is the story really that they died of natural causes, both of them, but with a little help from carbon monoxide? 

But, all we really have, to this day, are the early suspicions, and we have never been given any definitive information. Whatever was finally determined has remained closeted. There has never been any kind of follow-up. 

It is a VERY troubling thing for two people to be found dead, and it calls for an investigation: a criminal investigation. A through forensic examination. It has NEVER happened.

The deaths of James and Clara Altgens are not just suspicious, they are screaming out loud  'Cover-up!"  The facts about their deaths have been systematically suppressed. And it's just another vicious rotten sequel to the JFK assassination, of which there are so many.    

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