Monday, April 3, 2017

Dale Miller If anything should shut up the all of the "conspiracy condemers" it should be this: Imagine the Boston Bombings that we all witnessed on TV. Then imagine that Agents with Badges and Credentials came from out of nowhere and confiscated every camera that everyone was using to snap pistures of the event. Then we find out that for a two hour window, one hour before and then one hour after the race it was discovered that all of the cameras on every light pole or traffic light, or bank, or whatever quit working for some mysterious reason and that there was no footage of anyone running from anywhere. Well, that's what happened on November 22,1963 and yet the ones of us who seek the truth, even to this day are called Wacos, Conspiracy Theorists, and gloom and doom people. Just a coincidence? Really? What more do people have to read about to realize that our own Government killed Kennedy, covered it up, then destroyed any evidence that could clear up the matter. There was a signifigant amount of people who hated John F. Kennedy for a number of reasons back in 1963. Byron Skelton told anyone who would listen that if John Kennedy went to Dallas, he would be killed but nobody listened. He even told the President himself but his reply was that he was being threatened like that all of the time. The act itself was a travesty but the cover up was elaborate and included a multitude of high ranking officials. Dallas Police, CIA, Secret Service, and the stupid assed FBI with that nut job Hoover at the helm. History will solve this before 2038 and the truth will come out, all because of people like Ralph Cinque. Good job my friend. Good job.
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Ralph Cinque Thank you, Dale. I am going to post what you wrote on the OIC blog, and I assume you don't mind.
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