Sunday, April 16, 2017

So, everyone agrees that the two horn honks were signals, right? Because otherwise, what should we believe? That two random horn honks occurred just when Oswald came out and just before the shooter made his move? 

But, if the honks were signals, how could they be for Jack Ruby? Think about what it means. It would mean that Ruby was in cahoots with whomever did the honks. It would mean that he came there knowing full-well that he was going to shoot Oswald. But, if that were true, then why'd he bring his dog? Didn't he know that once he shot Oswald that his life, as he knew it, was over? That he wouldn't be returning to his apartment and to his life running the Carousel Club? Therefore, wouldn't he have made arrangements for the care of his dogs, since he did love them very much? The fact that he brought his dog along that morning proves that he had every expectation of going home. And that means he had no plan to kill Oswald. And that means that those signals must have been for someone else.

Jack Ruby didn't do it. He wasn't even in the garage at the time. Don't tell me that Ruby wouldn't have recognized Fritz and Leavelle and other detectives whom he knew. He said he didn't recognize anyone in the garage. There is NO image of Jack Ruby in that garage. There are only obscure frames of a short, pudgy guy in a Fedora hat. That's it. There is no distinguishing features of Jack Ruby to the guy. In fact, the guy is too short to be Jack Ruby, and he is too fat to be Jack Ruby.

 If you claim from looking at that that that is Jack Ruby, you are being very obtuse and very stupid. And do you think it's just an accident that no clear conspicuous image of Jack Ruby was ever captured in that garage? He wasn't in that garage; not at that time anyway. That guy is FBI Agent James Bookhout, pretending to be Jack Ruby. If you care anything at all about the truth in the JFK assassination and the Oswald assassination, then you need to face that fact.  

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