Saturday, April 29, 2017

Imagine if Jack Ruby's lawyers had these images in court to show the jury. Here, for instance, is Detective McMillon giving a nod that clearly was a signal prior to the shooting. 

And here is Detective Miller placing a bag or something over the shooter's head during the so-called scuffle.

And here is a freeze-frame from it.

That is Miller talking in the caption. He was very afraid that he was going to be prosecuted. It took a lot of reassurance from his WC interrogator that they were not going after him. Of course, a lot of the Dallas cops and detectives showed up with lawyers, including Blackie Harrison. 

And here we have a picture of the culprits as they were waiting. These cops were all guilty. And notice that amongst them was NBC reporter Tom Petit. So, what did he know?

I suppose it's possible that he didn't know a thing, even though there he is, surrounded by wolves. But regardless, one thing can be certain: he was carefully chosen as someone who would definitely support the story, no matter how preposterous. 

Why didn't Ruby's attorneys study the images critically? Why didn't they ask themselves whether the shooter was really their client? And here's what else they could have done, and it was feasible to do it: They could have taken Ruby back to the garage and photographed him there and filmed him and compared the results to the Garage Shooter in the official photos and footages. If they had done that, they would have discovered the impossibility of him being the Garage Shooter, that they couldn't get Ruby to look like that guy. How smart do you have to be to realize that the guy in the images is just a short guy in a fedora hat? 

So, why didn't they think that way? It's because of the myth of America: the idea that it couldn't happen here for government and media to be involved in such a frame-up. It could happen in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia or Communist China, but it couldn't happen here. Wrong. Here.   

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