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Backes is back, and he wants to debate the death of James Altgens and his wife Clara. He brought it up from out of the blue. And it's fine by me because I consider Altgens' death to be VERY suspicious. I think there is an impressive case for him having been murdered. 

But once again, as always, Backes misrepresents my positions. I never denied that Altgens died of carbon monoxide poisoning. But, I suspect it wasn't an accident.

But first, let's look at another case of CO poisoning,  from 2005, that of Zurab Zhavania, who was the Prime Minister of the country of Georgia. 

This is from the New Eastern Outlook Journal:

"The case of former Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, who was found dead in a rented flat in suspicious circumstances back in February 2005, is finally being reexamined by the Georgian courts. No one has ever believed the official account of his death, and it is widely believed that former president Mikheil Saakashvili either ordered it or was directly involved."

"Zhvania’s body was initially examined by Georgian forensic experts. When their conclusions did not fit the official story, they were silenced and US experts brought in to contradict them. Recently those original experts, and other witnesses, have been coming forward to tell what they know."

"According to Silverman, various pieces of evidence which were in the flat where Zhvania was found dead were destroyed on the orders of FBI agent Bryan Paarmann, who was leading the imported investigation team. Silverman maintains that Paarmann had been directed to destroy the evidence by his US paymasters because Zhvania was the only person able to normalize relations with Russia. Another important reason for his demise was that Zhvania didn’t want Georgia to become the transit country for a wide range of illegal weapons, as the US subsequently succeeded in making it."

The article goes on to examine the case, but clearly, many people suspect, to this day, that Zhvania was murdered. I'll give you the link to the article.

Well, the evidence in the Altgens case is every bit as suspicious, or more so.

Let's consider the facts: First, the earliest reports didn't even mention carbon monoxide as the cause of death. Read this:

That article appeared three days after they were found dead. And Clara's nephew actually had the balls to say that the family believed that both died of natural causes? Well, death by carbon monoxide is certainly not a natural cause. Natural causes means dying of some pathology or from the decrepitude of old age. But no poisoning death can be considered a natural cause; only an unnatural cause. There is no mention of carbon monoxide there; just that they died of natural causes. 

He mentioned that both had been suffering from the flu. Well, the rotten, no-good CDC tells us that 36.000 Americans die every year from the flu- so you better get your fucking flu shot. 

And isn't that the implication? That they died from the flu? 

Again, no mention of carbon monoxide. But, why wouldn't they have known about the carbon monoxide three days later? 

Carbon monoxide poisoning produces a visible effect: a cherry red complexion. So, when their bodies were found, they would have looked pink if it was from CO poisoning. And that would have led to the diagnosis in short order; you just do a blood test. 

Now, let's look at another article, this one from the New York Times from December 17, so two days later. Now, we get to the furnace talk:

James Altgens, Photographer at Kennedy Assassination, Dies at 76


James W. Altgens, a longtime Associated Press staff member known for his photograph of the anguished Jacqueline Kennedy, seconds after her husband's assassination, clambering onto the back of their car while a Secret Service agent moved to her aid, was found dead on Tuesday in his home in Dallas. He was 76.
Mr. Altgens, who was retired, and his wife, Clara, 73, were both found dead at the home, The Associated Press reported. The Dallas Morning News reported on Friday that relatives said the couple had been suffering from the flu but that the police were looking into the possibility that they had died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a defective furnace.
Mr. Altgens, known as Ike, was photographing President Kennedy's motorcade at Dealey Plaza, in downtown Dallas, on Nov. 22, 1963. After taking photographs of the immediate aftermath of the assassination, he telephoned to his news agency and was the first to tell it that the President had been hit by gunfire and gravely wounded. The agency transmitted a news bulletin about the shooting that reported that Mr. Altgens had said he thought the noise was fireworks until he spied blood on the President.
In a dispatch that Mr. Altgens wrote for the agency later that day, he said: "There was a burst of noise, the second one I heard, and pieces of flesh appeared to fly from President Kennedy's car. Blood covered the whole left side of his head. Mrs. Kennedy saw what had happened to her husband. She grabbed him, exclaiming, 'Oh, no!' "
The Associated Press, in its book on the assassination, "The Torch is Passed . . ." which was published soon afterward, republished Mr. Altgens's photograph of the First Lady and the agent with a caption saying it "shows Secret Service Agent Clint Hill leaping toward Mrs. Kennedy as she desperately moves for help in the first moment of horror."
Mr. Altgens was born and reared in Dallas and went to work for the Associated Press in 1938, when he was 19. He retired in 1988.
Mrs. Altgens, the former Clara B. Halliburton, is survived by two sisters, Myrtis Grant and Gladys Gleaves, both of Dallas.

So, police were investigating the possibility that they had died from CO poisoning from a faulty furnace. So, was there an official announcement confirming it? No, there wasn't. To this day, there isn't one. To this day, on Wikipedia, it says that CO may have "played a role" in their deaths. But, how could there be uncertainty when a simple blood test can determine the level of carbon monoxide in the blood? They can test for your CO level just like they test for your alcohol level. How is it possible that in the year of Our Lord 2017, there is no definitive determination about this? 
Leaks in home heating furnaces can happen spontaneously but the variables that make them likely are 1)  lack of maintenance and inspections. Well, that's not too likely in the case of the Altgens; they were rich. Surely, they must have had a furnace company making bi-annual visits to test the system. I get bi-annual visits to test my home heating system, and I don't even have gas. Mine is all-electric, so I can't get poisoned, but, I still do it. 2) having very old, worn out equipment. But,the Altgens were rich. They lived in the equivalent of the Beverly Hills of Dallas. They didn't live in a trailer in a trailer park. His wife was Clara Haliburton of the famous Haliburtons, and she had money of her own. They were well-off. 
So, if they could die that way, who the hell is safe? Isn't it important to get to the root of it and find out exactly what happened? Was there negligence on the part of the service company in inspecting and maintaining the equipment? Was there a manufacturing defect in the equipment, hence negligence on the part of the manufacturer? Wouldn't you want to find out, if only to help prevent the deaths of other people?
And then, the fact that they tried to marry the two things, that illness, the flu killed them, but it got a little help from carbon monoxide. I've never heard that done in any other case. We never got the autopsy reports on Altgens and his wife.  Are we entitled to them? Yes, we are. And that's because when it involves carbon monoxide from a home heating furnace, it's a situation that affects millions of Americans who would rather not die that way. But, we never got a confirmation that CO was involved; we never got an autopsy, and the whole case is mired in mystery TO THIS DAY. 
So, I am highly suspicious that the Altgens were killed, and if they were, it would make them among latest JFK-related killings to occur: 32 years after the fact. The ARRB was going on at the time. The Fritz Notes had surfaced with "out with Bill Shelley in front." People were talking about the Altgens photo again and whether Oswald is in it. And he is. 
And, I'm glad to see that James Altgens is included in the list of suspicious deaths connected to the JFK assassination. So, is Billy Lovelady. And guess what? I think he was murdered too.

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