Friday, April 7, 2017

Warning: off-topic. It is insane what just happened with Trump bombing Syria over an alleged chemical weapons attack. Former Congressman Ron Paul issued a statement that there is "zero chance" that Assad really did that, and really, it is insane to think that he would. Assad is NOT insane. He is an eye doctor, an ophthalmologist; he is not Dr. Mengele.

And remember, we have been through this before. They were wrong when they said that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons at Halabja, that he "gassed his own people."

This is just more of the same neo-con lies, and now they've enlisted Trump as their pigeon. 

And what does this say about the accusation that Russia interfered in US elections? As if Putin had any reason to give a good God-damn who won between Trump and Hillary. That was a lie. This is a lie. And now the Cold War is back, and it's because we brought it back. I guess we had nothing else to do. 

Libertarian Harry Browne used to say that the US Military is just the U. S. Post Office in fatigues. The insanity that has ruled U.S. foreign policy, going back to JFK's time in which his military advisers urged him to respond to the Cuban Missile Crisis with bombs, goes on. We might all be dead today (or never even born) if not for JFK. And look what they did to him.

The United States is a blind, drunken bull in the world's china shop, a menace to humanity. And the people who thought that things would be different under Trump have just had a rude awakening. He's just another maniac in the White House, basking in the glow of playing Commander in Chief.  He might as well be Kim Jong-un.      

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