Thursday, April 27, 2017

This was shortly before the Oswald shooting. WBAP was the NBC affiliate in Dallas. 

So, that's Blackie Harrison on the right, the big guy. And further to the right, in the corner, is McMillon. On the other side is Lowery and the "Special Services" guys. You really think this was all in anticipation of Oswald being put into a car and driven away?

Then there is this shot of Oswald and his escorts, with Fritz leading the way, as they are getting out of the elevator. 

Notice that they're all in dark clothes except Leavelle, who is in his Easter suit. Now, do you really think that he just woke up that morning and decided to put that on? For no particular reason? Why on Earth would he do that? The President of the United States had just been slaughtered in the street, and so had his friend and colleague, JD Tippit. So, what would become him to wear such a festive suit? No, this was a matter of creating visual contrast. And what are those other two guys doing there? This was supposed to be just Oswald being placed in a car and driven away.  Why all the fanfare? I've been to weddings with less pomp and circumstance than this. 

Then, notice that the shooter really was short.

Jack Ruby was NOT that short. Neither did he have such a short neck, and neither did he have such a fat face. 

  Look at the length of Ruby's neck:
Compare it to this guy:

It can't possibly be the same neck.

Now, the question is, was Bookhout wearing a wig? Or was this a photographic trick in which they enhanced his hair? But, one thing is for absolute sure: men did not wear hair this long in 1963. 

That is ridiculous. NOBODY wore hair that long in 1963. You hear me? I said nobody. And that includes Jack Ruby. 

Here is another video: The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald was 100% Fake:

One of the things he does is compare this image of Blackie Harrison:

with Blackie in the Jackson photo:

Blackie doesn't even look like himself. On the right below is Blackie Harrison.

Is it even the same guy? On the right, we see a distinct part in his hair. It should be visible on the left? How come we don't see it? It seems like he is wearing a sweater on the left and a jacket on the right. And the sweater is more closed off with little shirt showing. 

So, what was the Jackson photo?

There is no image like that in any of the films, and I mean even when you consider angular differences there is no image like it.

Here is another video about the fake shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

 Here's another which refers to it as a "Hollywood production" and Oswald and Ruby as "crisis actors."

The maker of that video probably didn't realize that the crisis actor was James Bookhout not Jack Ruby.

Here's another one which says that Oswald was never shot; no blood; no bullet.

But obviously, Oswald was shot afterwards. He was definitely shot. Some think it happened in the ambulance, but I think it happened in the police station. They would never have taken a chance on getting an accurate shot off in the ambulance. They needed a very precise, accurate shot.

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