Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Open Letter to John Armstrong

John Armstrong wrote to me about a claim he heard about Jack Ruby having survived and been given plastic surgery and a new life. He provided some details, including the source of the claim, and he asked me what I thought of it. And this is how I responded:

John, I am not inclined to put any stock in it because they needed Ruby dead as much as they needed Oswald dead. There is just no way they would have let him live. Just think: they killed Dorothy Kilgallen right after she talked to him, the only journalist to do so. And the notes she took from her lengthy interview with him disappeared. Now, if they would kill her, how could they possibly let him live?

John, you should watch the jail transfer once again, and pay attention to the two horn honks. One occurs right as Oswald comes out, and the other occurs right before "Ruby" made his move. Not being a believer in coincidence, I have to think that those honks were signals: the first to announce that Oswald has come out (so get ready) and the second to say, "Now!" But, who were they to? We know who they were from. They were from the Dallas Police. It was their garage, and they had complete control of it. But, were they to Jack Ruby? Well, if they were, it means that Ruby was in cahoots with them and had foreknowledge of what was going to happen. But if so, why would he bring his dog along? He had to know that if he shot Oswald, his life was over. He wasn't going to go back home and to the Carousel Club. So, he would have made arrangements for his dogs- just as he would if he was committing suicide. But, he made no arrangements, and he brought one of his beloved dogs with him. That proves that he had no plan to shoot Oswald. So, whoever was in cahoots with the Dallas Police and was waiting for a signal from them, it could not have been Jack Ruby.

We have NO image of Jack Ruby in that garage during the spectacle. We have images that are said to be him, but none of those images provide enough visual data and detail to confirm it. In fact, what little visual information they provide conflicts with Jack Ruby. How swayed are people going to be with a Fedora hat? Seeing the back of a guy's head who is wearing a Fedora hat does not establish him to be Jack Ruby. The reason there is no frank, recognizable image of Jack Ruby in that garage is because he wasn't there. Send me an image that you think is Jack Ruby in that garage. 

Then, there is the idea that Ruby admitted doing it. No. Not true. He just didn't deny doing it. What he said is that he remembered going to the garage, and he remembered police pouncing on him, but he remembered nothing in-between. He said it was all a blur. He used the word "blur" many times. Well, the reason why he remembered it that way is because that's the way it happened- with him.

During his testimony to the Warren Commissioners, he cited the time that he was at Western Union as 10:15. Then a Secret Service corrected him and said he was an hour off. But, an hour is a long time to be off because we are talking about a very narrow window- the late morning. I maintain that he wasn't off. The incident with Ruby must have happened earlier, perhaps an hour before. They hustled him away and up to the 5th floor, and then they got ready to do it all over again for the television cameras an hour later. 

Why, during the televised spectacle, didn't they cuff "Ruby" in the garage? That has never ever happened in any other police incident in the history of Man. Police always and always manage a violent offender by getting him in cuffs IMMEDIATELY. They don't take him anywhere first. I'm telling you: it has never happened before anywhere else in the world. And if you read the testimonies of the police detectives who were involved, such as McMillon, they talk about pushing him down to the ground INSIDE the jail office to cuff him. But, why the hell didn't they push him down to the ground in the garage and cuff him? There is NO EXCUSE for not doing it. There is no talking point. There is no rationalization. And there is no other time that it has ever happened; ever; only then. And you would think that the WC lawyer would have had the decency to ask them, "Why didn't you get Ruby cuffed in the garage?" But no, of course, that question was never asked.

John, Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald. He really didn't. He was framed. He was high on amphetamines, and they knew it. He was subject to blackouts. He may have been subjected to mind control. They did fly out the leading CIA mind control doctor to treat him, "The Maestro of Mind Control" Dr. Louis Joylan West from UCLA. And why Ruby's lawyers didn't object to that I don't know. 

And here's another thing: Ruby said repeatedly, including at his death bed interview, that he had no memory of shooting Oswald. So, why didn't somebody show him the video of the Oswald shooting to jog his memory? "You see, there you are, Jack, rushing up to Oswald, sticking the gun in his ribs, and shooting him. Is it coming back to you  now?" I know why it wasn't done; because that video was not of him. 

Not only did they NOT do the standard thing of cuffing the violent offender immediately, before doing anything else, but they were painstaking about keeping "Ruby" completely under cover, so that he effectively disappeared in a swarm of cops (whom I call Penguins). Why did they have to keep him covered up? Because he wasn't Jack Ruby. John, they were all in on it. All those Dallas cops were in on it. Every God-damn one of them: Fritz, Leavelle, Graves, Blackie Harrison, Patrick Dean, etc. And I think the order came down from LBJ via J. Edgar Hoover. "The country needs closure. It can't endure the agony of a long trial. It would be a strain on Jackie and the Kennedys. National recovery requires that Oswald die immediately." And since these Dallas cops believed that Oswald killed their buddy Tippit, they went along with it. It amounts to another deep dark wicked story within the original deep dark wicked story of killing Kennedy. Every JFK researcher in the world today needs to reject the official story of the Oswald assassination. It is a lie; it is an abomination. Jack Ruby was just as innocent as Lee HARVEY Oswald.  Ralph      

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