Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why did they say that no final ruling would be made for "several weeks" because of laboratory tests when it doesn't take several weeks to do laboratory tests?

They said that because by pushing it out several weeks, they could get away with never saying anything. People would have moved on by then. And that's exactly what happened. There has NEVER been any final ruling on the deaths of James and Clara Altgens. 

They knew that the story would just go away in several weeks. And the newspaper had complete control of that. What could anyone do? Write a Letter to the Editor complaining that, hey, we never found out what exactly happened to the Altgens? So, they don't print your letter. They just don't mention it again. And that is exactly what happened. They never brought it up again. 

Even though there was this great mystery, whether they died of natural causes (two people at the same time) or whether they died of carbon monoxide poisoning (which has very clear-cut manifestations) they just let it drop. 

And who was there to complain? They had no kids. Clara's nephew Ron Grant wasn't going to complain, for he was making excuses and trying to whitewash the story from the very beginning. 

They just let it go away; they let the news cycle replace it with other stuff. And what we are left with is this hobbled story which marries illness with carbon monoxide in a way that is not very satisfying and only deepens the mystery, leaving us all the while with this eerie sense that someone is telling us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. How about 'dem Cowboys?  


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