Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Interesting find tonight by the Wizard. I have been saying for a long time that Jack Ruby, in his testimony to the Warren Commissioners, spoke of leaving Western Union at 10:15, and then he was gently but promptly corrected by a Secret Service agent. And Ruby didn't dispute the correction. 

And then in his death bed statement, there is definitely an omission in the audio file. Something was cut out, and I think it's possible that he made the same "mistake" about the time. 

So, I have a well-rooted conviction that it was approximately an hour before, at 10:20. that the untelevised spectacle with the real Jack Ruby took place in the garage. Now, the Wizard has found this, from the testimony of Detective Buford Lee Beaty.  Yellow highlights by the Wizard. 

Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you later receive some instructions to standby to help
in the Oswald move?
Mr. BEATY. As Capt. 0. A. Jones got off the elevator, and as he walked by,
he said, “Come here, I want to talk to you.”
Mr. GRIFFIN. Did this take place in the basement?
Mr. BEATY. Right by the elevator door to the basement. He said there will
be some officers come down from the third floor, and told me to wait for them
right here, and he indicated close by the entrance to the jail office.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now Detective Beaty, what is your best estimate of how long
this encounter with Jones was before Oswald actually came downstairs?
Mr. BEATY. What time did he get shot? It was about probably 30 minutes
before he actually came down and Ruby shot him.
Mr. GRIFFIN. That is the important thing. I would rather have you fix
it in terms of that time rather than some specific time.
Mr. BEATY. Around 30 minutes or something like this.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Because I noticed in the interview which you gave to the FBI,
you indicated that this was about 10 o’clock that you saw Jones. Did you
have any idea at the time when you gave this interview to Agents Dallman
and Quigley-that was on December 3-did you have anything specific in
mind when you told them that it was 10 o’clock.
Mr. BEATY. I just was trying to remember when Captain Jones told me
to remain there. So; I was just trying to remember about the lapse of time,
it seemed to me like.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Let me ask you to look over this with me. Let me point out,
you indicated here that you thought Oswald came down about 11:30?
Mr. BEATY. I do.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, they have reported that you told them that it was 10 o’clock.
Now it may be that that was that time it could be a mistake on their part writing
it down?
Mr. BEATY. Well, I don’t know.
Mr. BEATY. Boy, it is hard to remember, but it seems to me like he breezed
through in just probably about 30 minutes-could possibly be longer-after Mr.
Jones told me this. I waited around for probably another 4 or 5 minutes and
the elevator doors opened up, and here all the officers from the third floor,
and we moved from there out into the middle hallway. And they describe it
here as a, whatever, I don’t know, right outside the jail office door, the little
hall where they brought him out of the jail office door thereand we remained
there for about 30 minutes. And if the shooting actually occurred around 11:30,
I have made an error about the original time Captain Jones said that.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Would you want to take my pen and on this statement would
you want to put a circle around the 10 o’clock and make some note out on the
side that what you meant was 30 minutes before the shooting, or whatever you
think was the accurate time?
Mr. BEATY. Gosh, I don’t remember. I just can’t remember to save my life
what time it was.
Mr. GRIFFIN. How is your memory as to the fact that it was about 30 minutes
before the shooting?
Mr. BEATY. Thirty minutes, maybe an hour. That times passes so fast along
in there.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you think it could have been longer than an hour?
Mr. BEATY. I don’t think so ; no, sir.
Mr. GRIFFIK. Would it be fair to say, and I want you to be very frank about
this, because I don’t want to change this in any way that isn’t fair, would it be
fair to change this time 10 a.m., to read-
Mr. BEATY. That it was 10 or 10:30, would that be all right, because I don’t
Jlr. GRIFFIN. To read a half hour or-to an hour before Oswald was shot?
Mr. BEATY. Well, I don’t carry a watch so I never know what time it is unless
I ask somebody and it would be a matter of kind of remembering, and if you
want to say 10 or 10:30, that would be about the same time, wouldn’t it?
Mr. GRIFFIN. Would it be just fair to say. “I am not certain about the exact
Mr. BEATY. That would be fine.
Mr. GRIFFIN. I wish you would do this in your own handwriting and write in
there, “I am not certain about the time.”
Mr. BEATY. [Makes statement and initials.]
Mr. GRIFFIN. Put a date after your initials.
hlr. BEATY. R-2664. I don’t even remember what month.
Mr. GRIFFIN. All right

(and from the prior FBI report on Beaty)

About 10:00AM, Captain O. A. JONES passed by and requested
that he wait by ail elevator and meet the contingent of detectives from the third floor who were coming down to aid in the transfer
of OSWALD and have them remain at the elevator for assignments. At
approximately 10:10 AM, Captain JONES instructed the detectives to
form a double line along the walls of the anteway and into the far
side of the garage . Captain JONES also asked the press not to ask
questions of OSWALD.
To his recollection, a Patrolman NELSON and one reserve
policeman were in the basement on the other side of the double doors
from the garage checking everyone who entered. After the double line
was formed, only one TV cameraman was allowed through the double
doors from the basement interior.
Around 11:30 AM, OSWALD was brought down in the elevator
and passed through the line of officers, preceded by Lieut . R . E .
SWAIN and Captain WILL FRITZ. Detectives J . R . LEAVELLE and L . C .
GRAVES were on either side of OSWALD and Detective L . D . MONTGOMERY
immediately behind OSWALD....

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