Thursday, April 13, 2017

John Armstrong has posted the article that he has been working on for some weeks. I was aware of it, and he and I discussed some of the issues involved. It concerns the escape route of the 6th floor occupants during the motorcade, whose purpose was to attract attention, where one of them looked a lot like Oswald, enough to be mistaken for him. John explains that the evidence is very strong, from multiple witnesses, that there were two men up there. But, how did they get down? 

Up to now, the assumption has been that they either took the stairs or they used the fire escape. They certainly did NOT use the freight elevators because they weren't working. The electricity was turned off in the building. John presents the evidence on why we can be certain that the electricity was turned off. And, it makes me wonder how anyone who supports the official story that Oswald did it can explain that? If Oswald killed Kennedy, then did he turn off the power? It's not very plausible, is it. 

But, in any case, there are problems with both the stairs and the fire escape. If the 6th floor occupants fled down the stairs, then wouldn't they have been heard by the 5th floor occupants (Jarman, Norman and Baker) and the 4th floor occupants (Adams, Styles, Doughterty)? And, if they fled down the fire escape, then any number of people could have seen them from different directions and locations outside. 

So, being uncomfortable with both those options, John applied his builder's knowledge to the situation, and he came up with the idea that they went down the passenger elevator, which they accessed by going through the floor. He provides a detailed analysis to support this contention, and I find it very intriguing and plausible. In fact, it is a marvel the amount of work he did to develop this theory. John Armstrong is not a lazy man. 

So, with no further ado, here is John Armstrong's latest: The Men on the Sixth Floor. 

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