Monday, April 3, 2017

I did an internet search for the autopsy report on James Altgens. I didn't find it, and I'm not surprised. The case was buried. No further details, whatsoever, about their causes of death, were EVER released. No information about any investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety was ever released. And again: when somebody dies of carbon monoxide poisoning from a home heating system, it is EVERYBODY'S business because hundreds of millions of Americans live under similar circumstances. Natural gas is, by far, the most common fuel that heats Americans' homes. 

And I would feel uneasy if my home was heated by natural gas, knowing that authorities don't look into it when an equipment malfunction kills some people. If the Altgens' equipment could malfunction, then anybody's equipment could malfunction. Getting to the bottom of it was a PUBLIC concern. Yet, we never heard another thing about it; the story just went away; and there is still no definitive answer on whether they died of CO poisoning or not. It's ridiculous, and it is outrageous. If definitive determinations can be made in other cases, why not in this one? What was preventing it? 

But, in searching for his autopsy, I came upon the autopsy of another "James": James Brady, Reagan's press secretary. And in his case, the medical examiner ruled his death a murder. And that is ridiculous too. If you survive for 33 years after a shooting, it means you survived the shooting, that the guy who shot you failed to murder you. 

James Brady lived to 73, which is only 3 years less than the average age of death for American men. It was a political decision to call his death murder; not a medical one. 

And we know that coroners often get pressured to come up with politically-correct determinations. Look at Thomas Noguchi in the case of Marilyn Monroe. He called her death a suicide? She would have had to swallow dozens of pills and capsules to reach the blood level of barbituates that were in her system. But, she had no water in her locked room, and not even a glass by which to drink it. So, what, did she chew up the pills? Noguchi noted the lack of yellow streaking in her stomach from taking chloral hydrate and the lack of excipients in her digestive tract. And yet, he still ruled it a suicide? Ridiculous. Was he out of his mind? 

And even in the JFK case, for instance, the idiot John Lattimer getting away with calling JFK's spasmodic reaction a "Thorburn position" even though Thorburn's patient wasn't in spasm; he was paralyzed. It was the opposite. What an absolute moron. 

Mixing Medicine and Government is a bad cocktail. 

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