Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ron Schuster Ruby WAS NOT late. Oswald's transfer was delayed until Ruby got there to do the job he was forced to do. It is unknown what details were spoken to which cop by who, but the cops held Oswald upstairs until Ruby was in place.
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Oswald Innocence Campaign Ron, Ruby wasn't forced to do anything. How could they force him to kill Oswald? It's ridiculous. Ruby got there earlier. It was before the televised spectacle. They jumped him and took him away, and he hadn't done anything. Then, they did it all over again for cameras with FBI Agent James Bookhout playing the role of Jack Ruby. Look closely at the images of the shooter, Ron. He is NOT Jack Ruby. How could they get away with it? Jack Ruby was not right in his head, and they knew he wasn't right in his head. 

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