Monday, April 17, 2017

So, the Dallas Times Herald put the Jackson photo of Oswald being shot on their front page. They loomed it large.
So, why didn't they do the same with the Altgens6 photo? Do you want to say it's because their own photographer took the Jackson photo? Well don't, because they were an AP paper, and therefore, you could say that James Altgens was their photographer too.

Altgens' film was reportedly developed at the Dallas Morning News. Well, it was at the AP office in Dallas which was at the Dallas Morning News. So, the DMN had to be the first newspaper in the country to access the Altgens6 photo. Of course, they were a morning paper, but you can't tell me they could not have published it on November 23, the day after the assassination. But, they didn't. Here's their front page.

If you are wondering whether it was inside, it wasn't. I checked. They're for sale in Dealey Plaza at the Sixth Floor Museum and at a novelty store across the street. They are replicas. But, I flipped through it, they didn't publish the Altgens6 photo. They had Altgens7, with Hill on the back of the limo, but not Altgens6. 

So, why didn't they publish the Altgens6? I have to think it was because Oswald was in the doorway. There was more likelihood that he would be recognized in Dallas. The Dallas Times Herald didn't publish it either. 

And, it really is amazing that they published it at all, that is, anywhere in the country. It would have been so easy to just destroy the damn thing. Nobody would have known. And James Altgens was a team player. If they told him that this particular photo had to be destroyed for national security reasons, he would not have bickered or caused any trouble.

That really would have been the smart thing to do. Just destroy it. So simple. So easy. So over and done with. But, they couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. And that's because it was so tempting the way it showed the TSBD and  Secret Service agents peering back at "the source of the shots." 

But, let's look at the DTH publication of the Jackson photo again.

Even here, you can see that the photo is a monstrosity. Oswald's thumb is too large, too long, and too parallel with the index finger. It's not an anatomical hand, and it is certainly not Oswald's hand. Leavelle has got his right elbow bent, but his left elbow, on Oswald's side, is practically straight. The forearm is coming down straight right through the elbow. His elbow isn't bent on that side. Try it yourself: make one elbow bent and the other straight. Notice how the straight one takes the hand lower? Then, how can Leavelle's hands be at the same level? 

Then, there is Leavelle's hand dug into Oswald's sweater, in the area above his groin, with his fingers buried deep. Who does that? Who grabs a prisoner that way? And read the caption. It says "as executioner's bullet pieces body." So, if that's when the bullet pierced Oswald's bullet, and we know that bullets travel darn fast, the implication is that that was the setup when the shot occurred. But, we know that that is NOT true, that Oswald was shot in the side, from the side. And, that has to be true because the path of the bullet was left to right across his abdomen. It wasn't front to back. So, what we are seeing above is a rearrangement that occurred after the shot, and it was done on purpose to get the shooter's back to the camera. It was NOT the angle from which the shot was fired. So, the caption is a lie too. They just figured the dumb rubes would never think about it or notice it. It's just mental conditioning: spoon-feeding the masses the pablum of the Fascist State. The official story of the JFK assassination is a complete, total, utter lie; and so is the official story of the Oswald assassination. The Fascist State itself killed both Kennedy and Oswald.     

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