Saturday, April 1, 2017

Do you realize that James Bookhout is the ONLY person that Oswald went up to in the hall and started talking to? Who else? There is nobody else. Sure, Oswald responded to other people who spoke to him, but no one else did Oswald go up to and start talking to. Just the guy in the picture: James Bookhout. 

So, what does that tell you? It tells me that Bookhout must have been buttering Oswald up, acting like his friend, being very soft and gentle with him, and being ever so respectful. He really won his trust. Of course, it was all an act. Bookhout was plotting against Oswald from the very beginning. Why do you think he was assigned to be the FBI liason? It's because he was a lawyer- their lawyer. 

What Oswald said to him there was, "What have you got against Broby?" The last word is just an approximation. It's garbled. I wish I could hear it better. But, you listen to it and see what you think. I'd love it if someone could decipher this.

So, I figure that, most likely, Oswald brought up someone, then Bookhout must have said something derogatory about the person. Was it someone in the intelligence community that Oswald brought up as a character witness? It's a tempting thought. 

But regardless, this image is a one-of-a-kind thing: Oswald initiating a personal conversation with someone in the hallway. It happened with James Bookhout and no one else. Bookhout definitely developed some kind of rapport with Oswald.  

Or, is it possible they already knew each other? Oswald had ties to the intelligence community, right? In jail in New Orleans, he requested, no, he DEMANDED to speak to an FBI agent. How many people in jail do that? 

And, it's ridiculous to think that that little guy was anyone else but James Bookhout. Oswald didn't get chummy with anyone from the DPD. And he didn't get chummy with any reporters either; how could he? Bookhout is the one who attended almost every interrogation, and he may have attended every single one. There is no one but James Bookhout that that man could be. So, Bookhout WAS definitely short, just like the Garage Shooter. 

And recall how Oswald looked at the Garage Shooter like he knew him, and like he expected him to be there. 

That's James Bookhout Oswald is staring out just before go-time. Both images are of him.    

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