Sunday, April 30, 2017

Do you still doubt that there were two Oswalds? Well, the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame did not drink. He was teetotaler. His own wife Marina said so. In fact, they had arguments about it because not only did he not drink, but he didn't want her to drink. But, the other Oswald drank. At Atsugi, he got arrested for drunkenness at one point. I think he may have been drunk when he accidentally shot himself. A woman who worked at the Carousel Club said that she served drinks to a Lee Harvey Oswald. You want her name? Frances Irene Hiss. And this is from John Armstrong's website:
"Around 8:30 AM, while HARVEY was working at the TSBD, LEE Oswald entered the Jiffy store at 310 S. Industrial and took two bottles of beer to the counter. Fred Moore, the store clerk, asked Oswald for identification. FBI Special Agent (SA) David Barry interviewed Moore on 12/02/1963. Barry wrote, "identification of this individual arose when he asked him for identification as to proof of age for purchase of two bottles of beer. Moore said he figured the man was over 21 but the store frequently requires proof by reason of past difficulties with local authorities for serving beer to minors. This customer said, 'sure I got ID' and pulled a Texas drivers license from his billfold. Moore said that he noted the name appeared as Lee Oswald or possibly as H. Lee Oswald. As Moore recalled, the birth date on the license was 1939 and he thought it to have been the 10th month."
So, how could Oswald both be a drinker and a non-drinker? How could he have a driver's license and not have a driver's license? There were two Oswalds, and I mean two young men who were living their lives as Lee Harvey Oswald.

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