Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Wizard is back...


I'm working up a short piece on Detectives Miller (the Bag on Head Man), McMillon and Harrison, but, in the meantime, I want to say that the Jackson photo alone could almost prove the non-Ruby case. Look how thin Oswald is, in true 1963 style, compared with 'Ruby', who looks about twice as wide, whereas we know, from his full body mug shots that he was slender by 1963; he had just a touch of a paunch (visible as he is paraded across the office in his debut). The shooter has fat on his neck, back, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

The Wizard is right; the Garage Shooter was BOTH too short and too fat to be Jack Ruby. Indeed, look at the girth of his effin' thighs compared to Oswald's. Jack Ruby didn't have legs near that thick. 

And this is cute: the Wizard pasted the images of Young Bookhout over the Impostor by the Elevator, and it didn't change it that much. You can see that it is the same guy.

He also used elements from this image of Bookhout, following Oswald's stretcher out to the garage from the jail office, which is exactly what Bookhout said he did.

Friend, there is simply no doubt about it, that the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald was James Bookhout. Whether he shot a live round or not is a matter of opinion, but that it was him wielding the gun is absolutely and positively certain.  

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