Thursday, April 20, 2017

It takes maturity to evaluate the statements of the TSBD employees. And it starts with recognizing that the TSBD was a CIA front company in which distributing school books was just the guise, the facade, for their secret and clandestine activities. Read William Weston, The Spider's Web

So, we know that TSBD employees were in on the plot, including Bill Shelley and Roy Truly, for sure. And what about Ochus Campbell the VP? Also known as O.V. Campbell, he is the one who paid Billy Lovelady's $75 fine in January 1963 to keep him from being extradited back to Maryland. Why did he do that? Out of the goodness of his heart? I rather doubt it.

O.V. Campbell was a strange duck. He was never interrogated by the Warren Commission. Yet, he is the one who made multiple statements that were published in the newspapers, including this one:

Mr. Campbell said, “Shortly after the shooting we raced back into the building. We had been outside watching the parade. We saw him [Oswald] in a small storage room on the ground floor.”
(New York Herald Tribune, 23 November 1963)

A lot of people, who should know better, go to town with that- and that's where the immaturity comes in. They treat it like money in the bank. The fact that it was said by a very suspicious, grey, and unreliable character doesn't bother them. 

The door on the right is what he was talking about. And really, it was more of a closet than a room. It was very small. 

Now, what would Oswald have been doing in there? Hiding? That's the implication, but what did he have to hide from? He hadn't done anything. And what, was the door open or partially open? Read the statement again. Campbell used the word "we" three times. Do you know who he was referring to besides himself? Geraldine Reid, his secretary. But, she never corroborated his story. In fact, she contradicted it. She said that she saw Oswald upstairs coming out of the lunch room with a Coke in his hand and walking through her office area. She said she remarked to him that the President had been shot and that he didn't respond. She said nothing about seeing him in a closet downstairs moments before, and obviously, it wasn't physically possible if her own account was true.   

My impression is that today, most researchers, of all stripes, consider Geraldine Reid's account to be true, that she really did have an encounter with Oswald on the 2nd floor. For one thing, what reason did she have to lie about it? Why would she make up such a thing? But, if what she said was true, then what Campbell said has to be false. 

So, why would Campbell say such a thing? Well, it makes Oswald look guilty if he was hiding in a closet, doesn't it? But, you know very well that Oswald was NOT guilty, so he had no reason to hide in a closet. We know that Oswald just calmly walked out the front door and gave two people directions to the pay phone without seeming nervous or self-conscious or anything like that. So, why would he have been hiding in a closet? And if Campbell saw him hiding in a closet, why didn't Mrs. Reid? And worst of all, how could Mrs. Reid see him exiting the lunch room on the 2nd floor moments later? 

So, what should we do with O.V. Campbell's statement? Dismiss it. Throw it in the trash. It's just noise. It's just blather. It's useless. It is garbage. Throw it out. Pay it no mind. 

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