Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Wizard found this, and it's weird, as in chilling. It's from the testimony of Detective Beaty, who was one of the detectives against the wall. He refers to two other men there as being from "Special Services." Special Services? What does that remind you of? It reminds me of "Special Ops" from the military. 

One of the "Special Services" guys he refers to is Billy Combest, who is standing next to him in the picture.

Here is what Beaty said about Combest and another guy named Hutchinson. 

Mr GRIFFIN. Let me read them for the record. B. H. Combest. J. H.
Mr BEATY. Those two boys, they are supposed to both be Special Service officers, too, and I don’t know how in the world they could have received word unless they called and told them to come down, because they were the only ones from the Special Service bureau down there with me at the time. I can’t remember them getting off the elevator at the time, but Captain Martin-
(Griffin interrupts to read the list of names)
Mr. GRIFFIN. Let me read them. W. J. Harrison...

So, why did they need men from the Special Services bureau to be there if they really expected it to be just putting Oswald in a car and driving him away? 

So, what were they doing there? Let me guess: To protect Oswald? OH, I see. And Jack Ruby, who was mentally deranged and high on drugs, just happened to get the better of them.

I'll tell you, flat-out, that anyone who can't see that this was a planned spectacle, in which these Dallas cops knew exactly what was going to happen is mentally deranged. It was a dog and pony show for the masses. It was an extravaganza, a pageant, a production. And it makes no sense. If they were so worried about Oswald that they thought they needed Special Services guys there to protect him, why do it in public? Why not transfer him unannounced in the dead of night and then announce it afterwards?

And remember how Ruby got in there: he walked by two police officers at the Main Street ramp entrance. How hard is it to guard a narrow entrance and keep people out? I could get an 80 year old Walmart greeter to do it, and he'd have no trouble. 

Those cops, Roy Vaughn and Sam Pierce, let Ruby in, and the whole Dallas PD was in on it. This was their operation. And they didn't get lucky that Ruby showed up. And he wasn't in cahoots with them. How could he be in cahoots with them if they immediately arrested him and charged him? Jack Ruby was mentally defective and deranged, and they KNEW that he was mentally defective and deranged. And they knew that he could be bamboozled into thinking that he had done something. 

Ruby was subject to blackouts and memory lapses. He was used to being told that he did things which he didn't remember doing.  

Those addicted to speed and alcohol face a rollercoaster ride brought on by the two substances. Speed, or amphetamine, is a psychostimulant drug that dramatically increases wakefulness and focus. The drug also reduces hunger and sensations of physical fatigue. Alcohol works as a central nervous system depressant, causing drowsiness and slowing reaction times. The combination of the two drugs can cause confusion in the mind and body and amplify the effects of each.

Ruby went to that garage, but it was prior to the televised spectacle, perhaps an hour before. They had their scuffle with him in which Ruby was confused. He didn't understand. That's why he kept saying, "I'm Jack Ruby. You know me." As in, "What the hell are you doing? What are you pouncing on me for?" And they told him that he shot Oswald. And he believed them. Jack Ruby was conned, just the way Sirhan Sirhan was conned, and Mark David Chapman, was conned, and probably John Hinckley was conned. You have no business believing any of these official stories. Jack Ruby was innocent.     

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