Monday, April 17, 2017

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Carolina Lynn Dr. West proposed mind control experiment on Black and Latino youth in 1972 ..
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Ralph Cinque Thank you, Carolina. And just think: they flew Dr. West out to "treat" Jack Ruby. But why? If Ruby needed a psychiatrist, didn't they have any in Dallas? And Ruby complained about the heavy drug regimen that Dr. West was prescribing. Where were Ruby's lawyers? Why didn't they object and insist that they would get their own doctor to see Ruby? The State was prosecuting Ruby for murder, so why should their doctor get to treat his mind? But, I am asking everyone to think about your own mind. You have no visual evidence that Ruby was the shooter. You can't look at the shooter in the Jackson photo or the Beers photo or any of the films and identify him as Jack Ruby. There is not enough visual information to do that. Why have you believed that he was Jack Ruby? Because the State- the Leviathan State and its Corporate Media-  have told you so. But, why should you believe them when they are the same ones who have been telling you that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK?And as far as Ruby himself, he was a mess; a psychological mess. But, he kept saying over and over that he remembered going there, "to the bottom of the ramp"and then he remembered being pounced upon by police, and all the rest was a blur. And he never spoke of it directly. He spoke of it in the 3rd person. He would say that that was when the incident happened rather than, "that is when I shot Oswald." He had no memory of shooting Oswald. And it was assumed by everybody, including his own lawyers, that he went into some kind of altered state. Remember, they did plead him not guilty on the basis of insanity. So, why didn't they consider that he was innocent, that he was framed, that the images show someone else, a Jack Ruby double? Because it was outside their mental scope to even consider the possibility of such a thing that police and government would do that to him- or to anyone. This is the United States of America. Things like that don't happen here. Oh, but they do.

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