Monday, April 10, 2017

As time passes, I am increasingly convinced that Oswald was NOT shot in the garage on national television, that it was a ruse. And one of the things that convinces me of that is this ridiculous Bob Jackson photo.

 You realize that it is one of the most famous and most historic and iconic photos ever taken. But, how did it get to be that way? It wasn't an accident. They made it that way. They pushed it. They gave Jackson the Pulitzer Prize. They had it published in newspapers and magazines galore, and also history books, including school books. But think about it: would they have done that if it wasn't sanitized? If it actually showed blood and gore? It would not have been fit for polite society in that case. No, they wanted and needed an image like this, something clean, something visually undisturbing. You really can't tell from looking that Oswald has even been shot yet. He's cringing, but sometimes people cringe in advance of being shot, if they expect to be shot. The important thing is that there is no blood, and there is no disturbance, no disruption of anything: not Oswald and not his clothing. There isn't even a hole in his clothing. 

Of course, they'll tell you that the reason we don't see the hole in him and his clothing is because they're covered up. Arms akimbo are covering up the whole area of involvement. Isn't that convenient?  Look what it gave them: a photo that was sanitized enough for schoolbooks, even for the younger grades. So, the story- that Oswald was shot in that garage- can be told and sold without it being offensive and disturbing and hurting any delicate sensibilities. 

It's the only kind of photo they would have promulgated the way they did. And, it was something that they sought and made. It didn't happen by accident. It isn't even real. It is a highly altered and manipulated photo. 

And, if Oswald really was shot in that garage, it is extremely unlikely that a post-shooting image (which this is supposed to be) would have come out so clean. 

The Jackson photo is a lie, and the whole story of Oswald's shooting is a lie. What happened on television was pure theater, in which James Bookhout dressed like Jack Ruby and took special pains to make sure his face was never really seen- and of course, he got a lot of help in doing that, especially from the Penguins. Oswald was fatally shot afterwards- under controlled conditions. They must have knocked him out somehow. A hypodermic needle with a sedative thrust in his thigh? Who knows. Then, they carefully performed the shot, being sure to go laterally across his abdomen, from side to side, in order to cause the most damage and catch his major blood vessels.  They knew they only had one shot and that it had to be fatal. 

Remember what I said last night: that there were two horn honks: which were signals to the shooter. One told him that Oswald had come out, and the second told him it was time to go for it. James Bookhout was short. He had to get a pedestal to find James Hosty in the hall. He said he could not see JFK because there were people in front of him on Main Street. So, he needed help in the garage too. He was shorter than Jack Ruby. He couldn't see very well.

The Bob Jackson photo is truly an abomination. And there is not another photo like it in the entire world. Thank God. Because: it is the photographic manifestation of evil. 

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