Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mary Moorman did NOT take the Moorman photo. It is true. And you only have to look at this Moorman photo to realize it. 

Mary has said a million times and from the beginning that she took her photo when the Kennedys reached her, when they were right across from her. And remember how slowly they were going. They were going so slowly, that Jean Hill could talk to JFK and expect him to hear her and respond. If anything, Mary might have taken her picture BEFORE the Kennedys reached her, but she certainly would not have waited until after they passed her. Can you imagine standing there for hours waiting and then letting them pass her without taking their picture? No effing way. However, the Moorman photo was taken just that way, from behind, shooting the backs of their heads. The yellow dot in the image above is the center of the photograph. It is where the camera was pointed. And as you can see, the Kennedys are NOT centered. It would seem that Mary didn't even have the ability to point the camera at them. But, that's not the case. 

The second thing to notice is that the line of the limo is NOT parallel with the bottom of the picture. It would be if she was facing the limo squarely when she took the picture. But, whoever took this picture was facing the limo diagonally, and hence the line of the limo appears diagonal in the picture. A physics professor with a specialty in optics pointed that out to me. And it means that, without a doubt, unless you think the laws of physics were suspended that day, the Moorman photo was taken on a diagonal angle from behind. If you imagine a diagonal line going from Kennedy to the motorcycle cop and continuing on back, that is where the photographer was located. But, that was not where Mary Moorman was located. 

The only person who could have taken the Moorman photo is Babushka Lady because she was standing in that very position. We even have images of her with her camera pointed at them from that position. Somehow, they took Babushka's photo and undoubtedly cropped it, and then took a Polaroid of it. 

And then consider the history of what happened. On November 22, Mary Moorman's photo was confiscated by the Sheriff's Department, and they kept Mary busy talking to them and to reporters while they made copies of her photo. By the end of the work day, they returned it to her. But, by the end of the whole day, meaning midnight, they stormed her house and demanded it back. And Mary cooperated. She was a loyal American. Right? She respected authority. Didn't she? And then they returned it to her, but then, they kept coming back and taking it again. First the FBI, then the CIA, then the Secret Service, then the FBI again. And when the FBI borrowed it from her the second time, that's when the white thumbprint occurred.

So, what was going with all that? What was going on was that there must have been something in Mary's photo that just bugged the shit out of them. It must have revealed something or suggested something that conflicted with the official story of the JFK assassination. So, my hunch is that they were doctoring her photo, wee little bits at a time, each time they borrowed it. But then, at the end, they gave up on that, and they replaced it entirely with one taken by Babushka Lady. But, the one by Babushka Lady, which was taken at a different angle, had a very different look. And that's why they needed the thumbprint. 

So, tell me, do you actually believe the thumbprint was an accident? Are you that gullible and naive? You know, you can't leave a white thumbprint on a Polaroid just by pressing your dry thumb into it. Pressing your dry thumb into it has no effect at all. It doesn't do a damn thing. It doesn't leave a mark or even an impression. I know because I tried it. So, that white thumbprint had to involve some kind of sticky medium on the thumb: some wet, tacky, gluey substance. A lot of people mistakenly think that the white thumbprint was caused by someone pressing their thumb into the photo while it was still wet from developing. Not true. The thumbprint happened weeks later. And some people think that the photo got ruined because it wasn't developed properly, that they didn't apply the fixing agent in time. But, no; they did. Mary said they did. 

So, there really is no excuse for that white thumbprint being there. It was deliberately put there- by the FBI. 

And by the way, the reason we don't see evidence of the big blow-out fatal head shot, the one that soaked Hargis in JFK's brain matter, is because it hadn't happened yet. The Moorman photo was taken a split-second BEFORE the fatal head shot; not AFTER, as is commonly claimed. 

The physics of the Moorman photo tells us that Mary Moorman didn't take it. She wasn't in position to take it, and she wasn't facing correctly to take it. Babushka Lady was. 

And of course, Babushka Lady was NOT Beverly Oliver. Babushka Lady was a frumpy, overweight, middle-aged woman not a 17 year old girl who worked as a striptease dancer. You don't have to be a pediatrician or a gerontologist to recognize that Babushka Lady, as was not a 17 year old girl.

Mary Moorman did not take the Moorman photo. It's hers. I am not disputing her ownership of it. I am not accusing her of any wrongdoing. She is a victim. She was manipulated and bamboozled by the authorities. And the Babushka Lady most definitely came forward. She was part of the plot. She was sent there to photographically record the killing. She never went up to the curb. She stayed back. And that's because she knew what was coming. How close would you want to get to a Kill Zone? And she wore the scarf and the heavy coat as a disguise. She was probably the wife of somebody who was involved. And they just made up the story that she never came forward. They even produced a phony image of her which purportedly shows her face. The only image of Babushka Lady's face is phony. They weren't going to show you her real face. But, there is no doubt that Babushka Lady took the photo that we know as the Moorman photo.   

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