Friday, April 21, 2017

David Lawlor Why can't you leave Mrs. Mooreman out of your posts? If the cop's finger was wet it would do this. take an old, out of focus, 60's era Poleroid out of your photo album, wet your finger and press it onto the Poleroid. Even today, it will effect the photo.
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David Lawlor I can see in my minds eye 5 cops sitting around a table reviewing stuff. On the table is coffee, doughnuts, pretzels, etc. Some idiot cop puts down his coffee, he just ate a doughnut and he picks up the photo. Not carefully by the edges, but in the center of it. He leaves his thumbprint right in the center. It sound perfectly logical and even likely.
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Ralph Cinque What????? Are you completely out of your mind???? Why would he pick up the photo with wet hands???? How dumb do you have to be to do that???? This is a piece of evidence from the JFK assassination. But furthermore, why would a wet thumb leave a white mark on the photo???? You think that a thumb wet with coffee, and what? Maybe sugar sprinkles from the donut? That all that would create the impression we see on the Moorman photo????? Why don't you at least get an old Polaroid and try it, do an experiment, before you open your big fat mouth???? And you Chris Gallopthought that this was a good idea, did you???? A smart idea??? Sound thinking? Well, guess what??? I am going to make you both famous. This is all going up on the OIC blog, in perpetuity.

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